Tom Austin

Recognising the right typeface is a skill that requires practice and experience. The more time you spend analysing and using fonts the more you recognise subtle details in type that impact the characteristics of a piece of design. It’s a process of training your intuition to recognise how details within…

Having a project file structure or template is probably the easiest and most important process you can have as a designer. Every new project should start with a templated project folder structure and it should have clearly defined principles to be adhered to as the project grows in size and…

🎨 Why should I care about design resources?

Interior designers make choices on furnishings, decoration and layout based on their concept. Graphic designers undertake a similar process of ‘picking and choosing’ that leads to much of the work we do involving taking pre-existing assets such as a fonts, images, patterns, mockups, icons and creating brands and other pieces…

Tom Austin

Hey 👋 I am a senior designer at Revolt London with a passion for process.

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